Application Development Services.

We are committed to develop best  rated android and IOS Applications. The apps are designed with creative ideas and concepts to help the users have comfortable reading environment. We are also upgrading our building capacity to develop high qaulity Softwares that simplify our daily activities.

What we are offer

Creative ideas and Concepts

Design Modern smart phone’s applications with creative concepts. The products we provide and the applications we develop are basically designed to solve the reading culture of most christians. Download enjoy these great apps today.


Exclusive Contents

We value the need of our customers. Before we develop and publish Applications, we evaluate the the nature and quality of the contents. We offer unique contents that you never get anywehere else. This made our products unique.

Affordable Prices

Now a days the price of text books is extremely high and painful. When we build our applications, we have considered all these pains and are built to be a pain killers. You can get multiple books with less than a dollar which is a great relief. Download and Enjoy.

Comfort and Good Look

What matters to have a good APP? Is that the size, The user Interface, Navigation, content, Managability, Offline, …… whatever your question is, our applications contain great feature that make your reading experieice smooth and comfortable..


Secured and Guaranteed

The applications we design have good security protection tools and will not collect sensitive personal information without your consent. We guarantee you that basic device information will not be shared with third parties in any circumstances without your consent .

Good Performance

Application that regularly updated in contents and development platforms have good performances regardless of your devices software status. We frequently update the development plugins and dependencies to meet the required high performances .

Best Applications you always love.

Our Portfolio

Become our customer

Buy huge collection of Apps and become our customer. Purchasing huge collection of apps at discounted service will save your money and time. You will never regret once you purchased one of our applications.

  1. choose the App you want
  2. download the lite version to evaluate
  3. Pay the amount requested on the app
  4. Request the activation codes
  5. Activate the apps and open it
  6. Enjoy the great contents on the go.