Mezgebe Tselot መዝገበ ጸሎት

 Mezgebe Tselot is the great Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church collection of prayer books and is available in a variety of languages ​​including Amharic, Geez, Afan Oromo, Tigrinya, English and Arabic. It is the best and biggest common book of prayers for Christians. The application includes a collection of more than 100 Orthodox prayers in the daily prayers, the prayer of saints, Image of saints, Psalms, praises of saint Mary and Jesus, and more other prayers.

Prayers are updated via the Internet. Charges are only new (missing) prayer.

Features of Mezgebe Tselot

Our App has the following features

Eye Catching Theme

  • Material Design color schemes.
  • Setting for Night mode and Day Mode

Flexible Navigation

  • Allow swiping between books and chapters
  • Supports single pane view, two pane view, and line by line view.

Fonts and Font Sizes

  • You can change fonts sizes from toolbar or navigation menu.
  • The app uses true type fonts for main view. you can include your own fonts too.

Contents are easily navigated

  • Colorful texts for the name of God, Jesus, St. Mary and Saints

  • Footnotes, References, and Orders in the book are written in italic for emphasis

Powerful and fast search

  • Search the whole words and accents

  • Number of search results displayed at the bottom of the page

Interface Translations

  • Added interface translations in English, Amharic and Afaan Oromoo.
  • Changing the app Interface language will change menu item’s name.

Awesome features

The awesome features that you love more.

Completely Offline

This app works completely offline without internet.

Fast and Robust

The App loads and operates fast even at low memory.

Flexible and Handy

The App can be adjusted to your preferences

What’s New in this Version?

In this version, Mezgebe Haymanot has the following New things

  • Book contents updated
  • Multiple books added
  • Typing errors fixed
  • Some contents rearranged
  • Multiple devices support and Target API has been upgraded
  • Other performances improvements

Additinal Features of the app

Mezgebe Tselot is designed for someone who is interested in getting all prayer books in one place. This app is specifically designed for prayer services in Geez, Amharic, English, Afaan Oromoo, Tigrigna and Arabic. 

If you are seartching for books of prayers, this app is designed for you. 

Screenshot Gallery

Some of the screenshots in real devices

Watch this video to observe and understand how

Mezgebe Tselot is working

Ready to purchase Mezgebe Tselot?

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