Mezgebe Hiwot


Mezgebe Hiwot is a huge app that is designed by compiling more than 12 previously developed applications and more than 300 Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Books. The Applications that are included in this huge app are Mezgebe Haymanot, Geez Amharic Bible 81, Mezgebe Tselot, Tsewatiwe Zema, Metsihafe Kidase, Metsihafe Seatat, Metsihafe Sinksar, Melka Kidusan, Mahilete Tsige, Gibre Himamat, Haymanote Abew, Amde Haymanot and Utuba Amenta. The application is comfortable to get all services at one place.


The following applications are design by Birana Apps and available for sale

Mezgebe Hiwot

Mezgebe Hiwot is a huge app that is designed by compiling more than 12 previously developed applications and more than 300 Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Books. The application is comfortable to get all services at one place.

The best App Ever with huge collection

Mezgebe Haymanot

Mezgebe Haymanot is the best App that contain more than 200 Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church books from multiple categories. The App updated regulary to have more collection from multiple sources

The best App for comprehensive content

Geez Amharic Bible

Geez Amharic Bible is the first complete orthodox offline study bible which is a good choice for studying bible, it allows you to quickly jump to the exact Bible verse in all three translations (Geez, Amharic and English),

The first complete Ethiopian Orthodox Bible

Mezgebe Tselot

Mezgebe Tselot is the great Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church collection of prayer books and is available in a variety of languages ​​including Amharic, Geez, Afan Oromo, Tigrinya, English and Arabic.

The Best Prayer Books Collection App

Tsewatiwe Zema

Tsewatiwe Zema is a collection of song books that are used in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Spiritual Service. Book of Hymns of St. Yared (Thesome Digua, Mieraf, Zimare, Mewasiet, Zik, Mezmur)

The Best App for Orthodox Elites and Holy Fathers

Metsihafe Kidase

Metsihafe Kidase is a collection of Ethiopian Orthodox liturgical books for prayer and ritual services. The App contain the 14 Anaphoras in Geez, Amharic and English.

The Best Liturical App for Abinet Students

Metsihafe Seatat

Metsihafe Seatat contains the great public prayers of the Church, always offered in the name of the church. It is recited at stated hours in churches, monasteries and outside.

Best App that contain basic Prayer of Hours

Metsihafe Sinksar

Metsihafe Sinksar (Book of Synaxarium) presents the lives of the saints of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. The lives are arranged according to the Ethiopian calendar.

Best to learn the live of Saints Daily

Melka Kidusan

Melka Kidusan is a book in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church that contains a prayer of thanksgiving for devotees who sing and pray during the daytime or during the holy rites.

Best to pray in daily basis for Saints of the day

Gibre Himamat

Gibre Himamat is a book of passion which contains multiple readings of the holy week. The Book contains readings from Holy Bible, Synaxarium, Miracles of Jesus and St Mary and other multiple sources.

Best App to have during Holy Week (Passion Week)

Mahilete Tsige

The Hymn of the Flower) and Seqoqawe Dingil (The Lamentation of the Virgin) along with the hymn of St Yared (Digua). is specifically used in the church service during season of flight of saint Mary.

Best During the Season of Flight (Zemene Tsige)

Utubaa Amantaa

Kitaaboota seera Amantaa Ortoodoksii bu’uura godhanii qopha’an of keessa qaba. Qabiyyeen isaanii abbootii keenyaan madaalamee fi sirreeffame kan dhiyaate yoo ta’u qunnamtii interneetii malee  dubbisuu dandeessu.

Best for Afaan Oromoo readers

Abine ZeOrthodox

Abinet is an App which contain daily prayers with Audio. The readings from the screen and Audio are automatically synchronized and highlighted. This helps the user to easily navigate readings at phrase level.

Best To Learn Geez Prayers and readings

Geez Dictionary

The offline Geez Dictionary Application explains the meaning of Geez terminologies to Amharic. The Application contains more than 25,000 Geez terminologies. Its has simple user interface, optimized also for tablets.

The First Geez Dictionary to have 25,000 words

Amharic Dictionary

The offline Amharic dictionary application explains the meaning of Amharic Words to Amharic. The App contains more than 60,000 Amharic terminologies. Its has simple user interface, optimized also for tablets

The first Amharic to Amharic Dictionary

Tigrigna Dictionary

The offline Tigrigna Dictionary application explains the meaning of Tigrigna Words to Amharic. The App contains more than 15,000 Tigrigna terminologies. Its has simple user interface, optimized also for tablets

Good for someone who wants to learn Tigrigna

Amde Haymanot

Amde Haymanot is a collection of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church books and Teaching in Tigrigna. The contents are Prayers, Liturgy, Teaching Materials and multiple texts from multiple resources .

Best for Tigrigna Readers and users

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the frequently Asked Question by our customers. If you have questions or inquiries that are not addressed below you can contact us with email or other social platforms

How to Purchase Apps?

The procedure is simple.

If you live in Ethiopia and don’t have access to online payment service,

  1. Download the apps and install them on your devices.
  2. Then follow the instructions written on the app’s prompt screen .
  3. Complete the payment with the bank of your choice (Lists available on the App).
  4. Once you have completed the payment, send us the information requested on the app via regular sms service to the phone number provided there.
  5. We will send you activation code withing 30 Minutes.
  6. Insert the code you get and activate the app
  7. You are done.
Are the Apps Guaranteed?

Our Applications are fully fuctional and we guarantee you there will operarate in normal conditions. If our apps failed to operate or launch, contact us for further technical support.

Phone number: +251901008562


How many apps can I purchase at a time?

As far as you paid the correct amount for the number of the apps your want, you can purchase as many apps as you want. There is no limit!

You can also buy the ap[ps for your relatives, friends or someone else.

Is there difference between Pro and Non Pro Apps?

All paid versions (Pro and non Pro) have similar contents.

What are the Payment Options?

There are two payment options

1. Direct Bank Transfer (for people who buy access codes for apps.) This is applicable only for individuals who live in Ethiopia.

2. Online Payment Systems (for individuals who have access to International Credit and Debit Cards)

What are the refund policies?

If the apps you purchased failed to operate on your devices or if the apps you purchased have not contents described in apps decription, you can request us refund within 30 days from the date of initial purchase. Late claims won’t accepted.

For How many times can I get reactivation?

If you didn’t change your device, the reactivation service doesn’t have limit. You reeactivate as many times as you can.


If you purchased Access codes and lost or change devices;

You have a right to claim free reactivation service upto two time. The request should be accepted if it’s after 30 days from the date of the first activation and 90 days after the second reactivation.

Online payments (card payments) don’t need reactivation

How many apps can I purchase at a time?

You can purchase as many applications as you can

Which Payment Methods Accepted?

In Ethiopia

  • Bank transfer
  • Mobile Banking
  • Hello Cash
  • Amole
How long should I wait for Activation?

Once you sent us the information requested on the app, we will send you the activation codes via SMS most of the time before 30 minutes. But we may be late longer upto 6 hours depending on the situations.

What happened if I paid two times without requesting reactivation?

When you change or lose devices, If you paid the second time without requesting reactivation, the following condition will be applied 

You will get activation immediately and then you will have 4 times chances to request free reactivation in the following basis 

  • 30 days after the first Activation 
  • 90 days after the first Reactivation 
  • 180 days from the Second Reactivation 
  • 360 days from the third Reactivation 



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Purchase Apps from Ethiopia

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